The Best DTG Printers for High-Volume Production

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Direct-to-garment (DTG) printing is a popular method for creating custom apparel and promotional items. DTG printers use specialized inks to print directly onto the fabric of the garment, resulting in vibrant and long-lasting prints. For businesses operating at a high-volume, selecting the right DTG printer is crucial for maximizing productivity and profitability. This article explores the top-rated DTG printers for high-volume production, providing insights into their features, capabilities, and suitability for different applications.

Key Features and Considerations

When choosing a DTG printer for high-volume production, several key features and factors need to be considered:

Print Speed and Volume: The printer’s speed and maximum printing capacity determine the number of garments that can be produced within a given timeframe. Look for printers with high print speeds and the ability to handle large print volumes.

Print Quality and Resolution: The resolution of the printer determines the sharpness and detail of the printed images. High-resolution printers can produce photo-realistic prints with vibrant colors and smooth gradients.

Ink Capacity and Cost: The printer’s ink capacity and operating costs play a significant role in determining the cost per print. Choose printers with large ink reservoirs or bulk ink systems to minimize ink consumption and reduce operating expenses.

Automation and Ease of Use: High-volume production requires efficient workflow and minimal downtime. Opt for printers with automated features, such as automatic garment loading and unloading, to improve productivity.

Top DTG Printers for High-Volume Production

Based on extensive research and industry reviews, the following DTG printers stand out as the best options for high-volume production:

AnaJet Sprint Dual Quadra: Featuring two independent printing heads, the AnaJet Sprint Dual Quadra offers exceptional speed and performance. Its automatic garment loading and unloading system optimizes workflow and minimizes manual labor.

Kornit Avalanche HD6: Known for its high reliability and print quality, the Kornit Avalanche HD6 is a robust and versatile printer. It utilizes a digital ink recirculation system to ensure consistent ink flow and vibrant prints.

Brother GTX ProBulk: The Brother GTX ProBulk is an industrial-grade printer designed for high-volume production. Its bulk ink system and low-maintenance design result in reduced operating costs and increased uptime.

Mimaki TS55-1800: The Mimaki TS55-1800 is a high-speed printer with a large printing area. Its advanced printhead technology ensures precise and consistent printing, making it ideal for large-scale production.

Epson SureColor F2100: The Epson SureColor F2100 is a cost-effective and versatile printer suitable for both high-volume production and short-run orders. Its user-friendly design and affordable operating costs make it a popular choice for small businesses and start-ups.


Choosing the best DTG printer for high-volume production is a critical decision for businesses looking to maximize productivity and profitability. By considering key features such as print speed, quality, ink capacity, and automation, you can select a printer that meets your specific needs and delivers exceptional results. The printers highlighted in this article represent the top performers in the industry, offering a combination of speed, reliability, and cost-effectiveness for high-volume DTG printing operations.




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