Comparing Different Types of DTG Flatbed Printers- Entry-Level vs. Industrial

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Direct-to-garment (DTG) flatbed printers are gaining popularity as a versatile tool for creating custom apparel and other products. With the ability to print directly onto textiles, these printers offer a highly customizable and efficient way to produce high-quality designs. However, selecting the right DTG flatbed printer can be a daunting task, especially when considering the wide range of options available. This article aims to demystify the purchasing process by comparing entry-level and industrial DTG flatbed printers, highlighting their key differences and guiding readers toward the best choice for their specific needs.


a. Print Size and Speed

Entry-level DTG flatbed printers typically offer smaller print areas compared to industrial models. This makes them suitable for printing small to medium-sized designs, while industrial printers can accommodate larger projects. Additionally, industrial printers boast faster print speeds, allowing them to handle high-volume production runs more efficiently.

b. Ink System

Entry-level DTG flatbed printers often utilize four- to six-color ink systems, which can produce vibrant and detailed designs. However, industrial printers frequently feature more advanced multi-color ink systems, offering an expanded color gamut and finer tonal transitions for exceptional image quality.

c. Automated Features

Industrial DTG flatbed printers often come with advanced automation features, such as automatic garment loading and unloading, which streamline the workflow and reduce operator interventions. These features can significantly increase productivity and reduce labor costs in high-volume production environments.

Performance and Reliability

a. Print Quality

Industrial DTG flatbed printers generally produce higher print quality compared to entry-level models due to their robust construction, advanced ink systems, and precise printing mechanisms. They deliver sharp lines, vibrant colors, and fine details, meeting the demands of demanding production requirements.

b. Durability

Industrial DTG flatbed printers are engineered for heavy-duty use in production environments. They feature durable components and robust construction, ensuring longevity and reliability even under continuous operation and demanding workloads.

Cost and Value

a. Initial Investment

Entry-level DTG flatbed printers typically require a lower initial investment compared to industrial models. This makes them a more accessible option for small businesses and hobbyists. However, industrial printers offer superior performance, features, and reliability, which may justify their higher upfront costs in the long run.

b. Ongoing Expenses

Industrial DTG flatbed printers may have higher ongoing expenses compared to entry-level models due to increased maintenance costs and ink consumption. Nevertheless, their superior productivity and reliability can offset these expenses by allowing businesses to increase production capacity and generate higher revenues.


Choosing the right DTG flatbed printer requires careful consideration of the desired features, performance requirements, and budget constraints. Entry-level printers offer a cost-effective solution for small-scale production and hobbyists, while industrial printers provide superior performance, reliability, and automation for high-volume production environments. Understanding the differences between these two types of printers empowers business owners and makers to make an informed decision that aligns with their specific needs and goals.




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