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In recent years, the development of digital printing can be described as accumulating. A few days ago, the development of digital printing equipment mainly radiated to the following 5 points.

1. Transformation of the sublimation transfer market. The large and medium-sized order digital printing sublimation transfer market is mainly used in sportswear, women’s clothing, flags, and handicrafts. With the gradual development of the market, designers’ requests for mutations and colors, plus the upgrade of digital printing equipment, shorten the delivery time. In addition to the previous proofing business, thousands of meters of digital printing orders are easily completed, and digital printing is developing rapidly in the sublimation transfer market.

2. Hand-painted silk is subject to high-level restrictions on the environment, technical requirements, and limited hand-painted patterns, resulting in limited choices for customers. Digital printing on silk also has an impact on the traditional silk hand-painted market. Hand-painted recently Silk factories began to pay attention to digital printing projects and digital printing.

3. Digital printing orders encountered by printing and dyeing companies setting up digital consumer line printing and dyeing factories, or small orders are gradually increasing, and many orders in Europe and the United States are originally designed with digital technology, so more and more printing and dyeing companies are on the digital printing consumption line .

4. In the home decoration industry, the pursuit of individualization has increased significantly. After the manufacturing of digital printing on T-shirts and pillows has generally improved, the manufacturing of curtains, sofas, and murals has also adopted more digital printing methods.

5. Knitted sweaters advocate individual printing. Knitted sweaters generally use cut-out printing. In addition to the cumbersome process, traditional craftsmanship also suffers from problems such as poor working conditions.Cotton Direct Injection MachineBecameDigital printing equipmentConsumption weapon for enterprises. Looking forward: the demand for digital printing equipment will increase substantially in the future

In recent years, the global textile digital inkjet printing volume has almost doubled every two years since 2001, showing an accelerated development trend. With the development of computer technology from time to time, digital inkjet printing technology gradually constitutes a product of modern technology application integrating computer data processing, fine machinery, and photoelectric information technology.

At the European Textile Machinery Exhibition, there is a set of statistical tables on digital printing machines, which allows us to see a more exciting world of digital printing machines outside. It can be seen from the table that the maximum printing speed of the latest textile digital printing machines is above 400 square meters per hour. At present, most of the nozzles are combined with multiple nozzles on one nozzle to improve work efficiency. For example, the KonicaMinolta inkjet printing machine uses a combination of 16 nozzles, each with 256 nozzles. The nozzle moves left and right during printing, and it can be one-way or two-way inkjet when moving.

  Cotton Direct Injection MachinePrinting has the advantages of energy saving, emission reduction, lower labor cost, small batch, multiple types, high quality, fast delivery, and universal application: this digital printing technology is completely different from traditional printing methods. It does not require plate making and omits the traditional Screen making, color paste, squeegee printing and other processes required for printing; the screen making machine, gluing machine, photosensitive machine, drying room and other equipment required for traditional printing are omitted, and the input is directly controlled by a single computer. The printed patterns in the computer are successfully presented, which saves the power consumption of the traditional printing and dyeing line.

  Cotton Direct Injection MachineThe return on investment of the process is 3.5 times that of the traditional printing process. The digital printing process completely gets rid of the traditional printing “high energy consumption, high pollution, high emission, low added value” three high and one low dilemma. The energy consumption per 10,000 yuan output value of digital printing is only 1/10 of that of traditional printing. According to the same investment amount, under the current market price conditions, the investment payback period of the digital inkjet printing system is about 2 to 3 years, and the investment payback period of the traditional printing equipment system is about 4 to 5 years.




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