DTG vs. Screen Printing- Which is Better for Your T-Shirts?

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  • 2024-05-09
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In the realm of custom T-shirt creation, two printing methods reign supreme: Direct-to-Garment (DTG) and Screen Printing. Each technique boasts its own unique advantages, catering to different design requirements and production needs. But which method is the better choice for your next batch of bespoke tees?

DTG: The Digital Revolution

DTG printing harnesses the power of inkjet technology, directly applying vibrant inks onto the fabric. This method excels in producing highly detailed, full-color designs with smooth gradients and fine lines. As a digital process, DTG allows for quick and easy printing of small quantities, making it ideal for short runs and personalized orders.

Screen Printing: The Traditional Champion

Screen Printing, a time-honored technique, involves creating a physical stencil for each color in the design. Ink is then forced through the stencil onto the fabric, resulting in bold, opaque prints. Screen Printing is the traditional choice for large-scale production, as it offers lower per-unit costs and longer print life compared to DTG.

Choosing Your Champion

The right printing method for your T-shirts depends on several factors:

Design Complexity: DTG excels with complex designs that require a wide color gamut and intricate details. Screen Printing is better suited for simpler designs with fewer colors.

Quantity: DTG is ideal for small quantities and personalized orders, while Screen Printing shines for large production runs.

Budget: Screen Printing has lower per-unit costs for large orders, but DTG is more economical for short runs.

Durability: Screen Printing produces prints with longer lifespans, especially when coupled with high-quality inks and techniques. DTG prints may fade or crack over time.


Whether you choose DTG or Screen Printing for your T-shirt printing, both methods offer distinct advantages. DTG empowers you with vibrant, detailed designs and small-run flexibility, while Screen Printing delivers robust prints for large-scale production. By carefully considering your design requirements, production needs, and budget, you can make the informed choice that will elevate your custom T-shirt game.




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