Features and advantages of T-shirt printer

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  • 2022-04-16
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For pure cottonT-shirt printer, What we have to use is digital direct printing. Mainly have the following characteristics:

1. Pure cotton is practical for arbitrary materials and can accept various printing.

2. No need for plate making, coloring, washing. One-key printing is convenient and quick.

3. There is a special supporting printing software, anytime, anywhere, printing as you want.

4. One-step completion, one operator + can complete it with one computer, greatly reducing costs.

5. The unit price starts from printing, and large quantities can be matched with template printing, saving time and effort.

6.Digital printing equipmentPrint positioning standards, the scrap rate is almost zero.

Compared with traditional printing. Pure cotton direct injection printing also has the following obvious advantages:

1. Simple operation and reduced cost

Pure cotton eliminates the steps of plate making, coloring, washing, etc., and also reduces labor costs. All printing can be completed by only a computer and an operator.

2. Increased speed and increased output

Pure cotton direct injection, automatic equipment is used instead of labor, and the main reason is that manual operation will not cause printing problems, and the speed is increased: the fastest can reach 188 pieces/hour. Compared with traditional printing, the efficiency is increased by several times. So the output has also increased a lot.

3. Diversified printing, what you see is what you get

Just a picture, input by computerCotton direct injection, You can easily complete the printing, and there will be no problem with many colors. For sensitive colors and transition colors, it can also be printed perfectly.

In today’s digital age, automated equipment is slowly replacing labor. Cotton digital direct injection has also replaced traditional printing. And it’s better than manual work.




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