Step-by-Step Tutorial- Printing Logos on T-Shirts

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In today’s print-on-demand era, creating custom T-shirts with logos has become an accessible and popular way to promote businesses, events, or personal style. Whether you’re a seasoned T-shirt printer or just starting out, this step-by-step tutorial will guide you through the process of professionally printing logos on T-shirts.

Materials and Equipment

Before you start printing, gather the necessary materials and equipment:

– High-quality T-shirts

– Logo design or artwork

– Screen printing frame

– Silk screen mesh

– Photo emulsion

– Light-sensitive diazo positive

– Squeegee

– Fabric ink

– Heat press (optional)

Preparing the Logo Artwork

1. Create or acquire the logo design. Ensure it’s in a high-resolution format (300 dpi or higher) for sharp printing.

2. Convert the design to a stencil. Use a software program like Adobe Photoshop or GIMP to invert the colors and create a negative image. This will serve as a stencil for the screen printing process.

Creating the Screen

1. Stretch the silk screen mesh over the screen printing frame and secure it with tensioning clips.

2. Coat the mesh with photo emulsion. Apply a thin, even layer of photo emulsion on both sides of the mesh using a foam roller or squeegee. This light-sensitive coating will create the stencil.

3. Expose the screen to light. Place the diazo positive of the stencil on top of the emulsion-coated mesh and expose it to UV light for the recommended time. This hardens the emulsion in the exposed areas, creating a permanent stencil.

4. Rinse the screen. Wash the screen with water to remove the unexposed emulsion, revealing the stencil pattern.

Printing the Logo

1. Set up the printing press. Align the screen over the T-shirt and secure it using a registration system.

2. Apply fabric ink. Pour a generous amount of fabric ink onto the upper edge of the screen.

3. Squeeze the ink through the stencil. Use a squeegee to apply even pressure and force the ink through the stencil onto the T-shirt.

4. Flash cure the ink (optional). If desired, use a heat gun or flash dryer to partially cure the ink, making it less prone to smudging or bleeding.

5. Dry the T-shirt. Allow the T-shirt to air dry completely or heat press it to permanently cure the ink.




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