T-shirt direct printing machine operator manual

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Everyone knows that digital cotton direct-injection printing is the fastest growing field in the textile industry this year. Thanks to its green and environmentally-friendly digital printing technology, it also meets the needs of today’s “personalized” production. The high integration of technology, fashion and green ternary has become the *explanation of the current “personalized customization” of my country’s textile industry, and it is also a necessary weapon for the transformation and upgrading of the traditional textile printing industry.

As the market changes, customer needs are becoming more diversified and individualized. DigitalCotton direct injectionAs a new printing mode, printing technology has brought unprecedented development opportunities to the textile printing and dyeing industry by virtue of its high efficiency, low proofing cost, good printing effect, and less pollution. It represents the future direction of the printing and dyeing industry and technological development. Taking clothing printing as an example, personalized clothing printing, according to the needs of different processes, uses different slurries to meet individual needs, such as drawing, glue, thermosetting oil, thick board, foaming, color drawing and other different processes , Use direct injection for coloring, drying and color fixation. The digital printing scheme of clothing is completely different from traditional printing methods. No plate making is required, and the drawing, film making, screen making, color matching paste, scratch printing, etc. required for traditional printing are omitted. The process eliminates the need for screen making machine, gluing machine, photosensitive machine, drying room and other equipment required for traditional printing. Digital printing is not restricted by color, pattern, etc. The product is beautifully printed, and the printing effect and artistic effect are unmatched by traditional printing.

1,Digital Direct Printing MachineCompared with traditional printing, it has the advantages of environmental protection and energy saving, fast delivery speed, flexible batch size, high printing accuracy, unlimited printing patterns and colors, and simple production technology. It fits the development strategy of my country’s industrial upgrading and energy saving and emission reduction and people’s consumption. The change of trend overcomes the shortcomings of traditional printing such as high pollution, high energy consumption, slow delivery speed, relatively monotonous printing patterns, average printing accuracy and complex production processes.

2. At this stage, digital inkjet printing technology has achieved breakthroughs in many key technologies, such as nozzle application, ink and its compatibility, etc., to a certain extent. Some sub-fields have been fully applied, such as cotton, linen, silk, etc., and the application in the entire textile printing field is also in the critical period of large-scale application.

3.Cotton Direct Injection MachineThe printing material has a wide range of adaptability and low production cost:

The third type of digital printing system can be used to print all kinds of fabrics, that is, a set of equipment can meet all kinds of fabric printing needs. The verified fabrics are: cotton, linen, cotton and linen blended fabric, T/C cloth, silk, silk, bamboo Mat, polyester cloth, flannel, etc.;

The pre- and post-treatment agent is omitted, the cost per meter is saved 6-7 yuan, and the increased paper cost is less than 1/3 of that, and the waste paper can be sold for money.

Since there is no need for pre-drying treatment agents, no steaming and water washing, the third-class digital printing new process products are not only of good quality, but also much lower in labor, consumables and power consumption. The hand feel is better than the traditional paint direct injection process, and the investment and use costs are reduced. !




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