What is thermal transfer printing?

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Thermal transfer printing process is also called thermal transfer

Digital printing equipmentThe principle of thermal transfer printing is somewhat similar to the production of transfer printing. When operating thermal transfer printing, first print patterns on paper with disperse dyes and printing inks, and then store printing paper (also called transfer paper) for use in textile printing plants.

inGarment printing machineWhen printing, the transfer paper and the unprinted surface are pasted together through a thermal transfer printing machine, and the dye on the transfer paper is sublimated and transferred to the fabric at a high temperature through the machine at about 210°C to complete the printing process , No further processing is required. The heat transfer process is relatively simple and does not require specialized knowledge in the production of roller printing or rotary screen printing.

Disperse dyes are the only dyes that can be sublimated. In a sense, they are the only dyes that can be used for thermal transfer printing. Therefore, this process can only be used on fabrics composed of fibers that have affinity for such dyes, including acetate fibers and acrylic. Nitrile fiber, polyamide fiber (nylon) and polyester fiber.

In thermal transfer printing, the digital printing factory must purchase this printing paper from a professional printing paper manufacturer. Transfer paper can be printed according to the requirements of printing designers and customers (ready-made patterns can also be used for transfer paper printing)Digital t-shirt printing machineThe thermal transfer printing can be used to print garment pieces (such as side printing, breast pocket embroidery, etc.), in which case special designs should be used.

Thermal transfer printing, as a complete digital printing method, stands out from the printing process. Therefore, it eliminates the need for large and expensive dryers, steaming machines, washing machines and stenters.

Since the printed paper can be inspected before printing, inaccurate pattern alignment and other defects are eliminated. Therefore, the thermal transfer printed fabric rarely appears defective.




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